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General Questions

Please email us if you have any questions about our dance. We try to check our email regularly and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Technical Support

For questions about your account or errors seen while on this site, please email with the page you were on, your name, and if you have an account, your personId and username.

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Questions About Events

Q:When are there big events?
A:There are events throughout the year. Check the calendar page to stay up to date.

Q:How much do events cost?
A:The cost of events vary depending on their size. Dances usually start around $7 but maybe increase in price depending on location, duration, and headliners.

Questions About Bands

Q:When will there be a live band?
A:Live bands are schedueld throughout the year usually for larger dances. If a live band is scheduled, it will be publicized many weeks before the event. Please refer to the calendar and home page for updates.

Q:What kind of bands play at swing events?
A:Smaller jazz and swing bands are usually the headlines for our dancers.

Questions About Venues

Q:Will the dance always be at the same place?
A:The dance will most always be at the same place (Secret Society) on Thursday, but special events such as the Portland Lindy Exchange will use other ballrooms.

Questions About Teachers

Q:Who teachers the lessons?
A:Teachers rotate on a weekly basis...