About PLS

The Portland Lindy Society is a non-profit organization that celebrates swing dancing in its social form. We promote an appreciation of swing music and dance, primarily the Lindy Hop, which has roots in the jazz music of the 1920-1950's. Our weekly dance is on Thursdays at Secret Society, 116 NE Russell St, where people of all ages and skill level are welcome to come and dance to live or DJ'd music. Portland Lindy Society started more than 10 years ago. PLS strives to spread dance across the nation by hosting an annual Lindy Exchange: http://pdxlx.com/

Weekly Thursday Evening Dances Secret Society, 116 NE Russell St - Google Maps
  • $8 includes two band and two drop in/Beginner Lessons
  • Band #1 (All Ages)
    • Beginner Lesson: 6:00 – 6:30
    • Music From: 6:30 – 8:15
  • Band #2 (21+ over)
    • Beginner Lesson: 8:30-9:00
    • Music From: 9:00 – 11:00

Our Board Members


Desha, our newest President. Though she just became President, she is no stranger to the board and has been involved off and on since 2006. Originally from Coos Bay she’s lived in Portland for Twenty-Six years! She started dancing in 1995, taking Ballroom classes at Portland State University.  She danced Ballroom while it was offered at the Crystal Ballroom and one night a back-to-back dance event nights a Lindy hop class was offered after ballroom social dancing ended.  She tried swing that night, and as they say, the rest is history.

When she’s not dancing she travels with her last adventure in Japan and Thailand.   She also enjoys gardening, roller coastering, and working on her home.  Some of her favorite junk foods include tea (any kind) root beer for drinks and “Good and Plenty” is her favorite Candy bar.  She really doesn’t like to sit so, ask her to dance!  Bonus points if you have candy!


Our awesome Board member wrangler, secretary, and note taker Emily hails from Monroe, Washington a small town northeast of Seattle.  She started dancing Lindy Hop in 2004 taking classes at Washington State University and dancing at the Century Ballroom, an hour drive away from her home town! (That’s some dedication there).

During the day she works with lasers (PEW PEW) and some of her other hobbies include camping, backpacking, biking, soccer and ultimate Frisbee. (We definitely love our outdoor life in the Pacific Northwest).  For those indoor activities she likes to cook and bake as well fixing up her new home.


Beth Young has been in the dance community in Portland for more than 6 years now.  She was recently voted on to the board of the Portland Lindy Society as Treasurer.  She has a background in accounting having worked in the banking industry and currently works as an accountant for a small local company. She has assisted the Portland Lindy Society for the past two years as a non-board volunteer and believes this organization's desire is to benefit the people in the dance community locally and beyond, so she is using her skills to assist in this goal.  Come ask her to dance and join us in this ongoing adventure!


Also a new member of the board Gene is the "social media guy."  A software engineer by day, he hails from “all over” Oregon being born in Hillsboro but moved around to San Francisco and Portland as a child then doing the bulk of his “growing up” in Salem (did you know that’s the capital of Oregon?).

Gene started dancing in Portland in 2012 only going to his first Lindy Exchange only a few weeks after learning how to dance!  When he's not on the dance floor you can find him on the Willamette on a Dragon boat. In addition to all that he likes travelling, beer, hiking, and video games.


Though technically no longer on the board Rod is our "Thursday night coordinator."